As we age, it is often likely that the owners and employees of a well-run business become in some way disabled. In fact, disability is more likely than an untimely death.

  • How would your business survive if you, a partner, or a key employee were to suffer a disabling event and were:
    • Unable to speak
    • Unable to see
    • Unable to comprehend written words
    • Deafened
    • Bedridden for months
    • Or some other malady that took them away from the important work you do?
  • How would the family pay the bills?
  • Who would do the work?

Most businesses would be in trouble quickly.

So it makes sense to review what types of insurances are available to offer potential solutions to these concerns. There are many options employers can use to help find and keep good employees.

Does your business offer these important benefits? We can help you intelligently explore them.

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