Our goal is to help you and your employees plan for retirement. Whether you plan to stop working, slow down a bit or just keep at it, effective planning will allow you options later. Only careful planning assists you in addressing your current objectives too. Have you considered how to:

  • Maintain your current lifestyle into and during perhaps a 30 year retirement?
  • Have some control over the income taxes on your retirement distributions?
  • Manage the effects of ERISA and other restrictions to qualified plans
  • Retain ownership and control of your monies

Not all these benefits may be available in one plan. Retirement planning can be complex, but the benefits and the costs to obtain them make careful planning essential. Our studies and recommendations about suitable options help you make informed decisions.

Business Retirement plans often form the basis for getting to retirement. Your long-term service with your company gives you the best opportunity to accumulate large sums of money through the tax-advantaged accumulation of capital.

Some examples of these plans are:

  • SEP IRA’s
  • 401(k) plans including Roth 401(k)

Retirement plans help to:

  • Maximize the owners’ opportunity to save for retirement
  • Attract quality employees
  • Reduce costly turnover
  • Incent employees

Planning is not a one-time event. Professional studies conducted before you adopt a plan, and periodically thereafter, can help assure that your company’s retirement program operates smoothly, efficiently, and within the law. Since the many tax law changes of the eighties, the scope and complexity of each plan’s accountabilities have grown. To safeguard your interests, we can help you implement full pension administration services through multiple third-party administrators (TPA), who we can help you evaluate. This may help reduce your need for day-to-day involvement in the management of your plan.

To help make sure your employees understand and appreciate what you are providing for them, and to attempt to comply with ERISA annual notification requirements, we can help you deliver the right messages to your team when required and throughout the year.

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