Wealth preservation and wealth transfer are important goals for many. Estate tax and other liquidity requirements are often an unknown burden. As situations change, even the best plans need adjusting. We treat estate planning as an ongoing process of review and adjustment — and no place for complacency.

It is the methodical examination of the facts, weighed against your goals, by someone who really knows you and the real issues of business ownership that will help to make your estate plan effective. We recognize the pressing issues and joys of ownership. We know how difficult personal planning can become when you’d rather be doing other things.

Our careful approach to estate planning examines contingencies and alternatives until you are satisfied with our recommendations.

For owners and others who want to reap the benefits of controlling tomorrow, we help you build estate plans that

  • Leave intact what you want to pass on to others, for transer in the manner you wish
  • Help you plan to get out of your business exactly what you deserve, not just getting out of your business
  • Provide time for children to grow up in the business
  • Assure parity for the children who should not inherit your business
  • Minimize the inevitable tax bite
  • Provide tax free capital to pay the tax

Regardless of the size of the puzzle that must be assembled to achieve your vision, no detail should be left out.

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Please consult your tax and/or legal advisor before
implementing any tax and/or legal related strategies as IFP does not
provide tax and/or legal advice.