Required Disclosure
Other Professional Services

I. Contact Information

Susan Schell, CFP® and Dominick J. (D. J.) Panetta, CFP®
Generations Planning Group
2020 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203

Independent Financial Partners
3030 North Rocky Pointe Drive West
Suite 700
Tampa, FL 33607

II. Potential Services to be Provided:

A. Services we may provide

  1. Investment review/recommendation/implementation
  2. Life insurance review/recommendation/implementation
  3. Disability insurance review/recommendation/implementation
  4. Long term care insurance review/recommendation/implementation

B. Other professionals and/or firms who may assist us to provide these services include:

  1. Mutual fund companies
  2. Insurance agencies
  3. Insurance companies contracted through the agencies
  4. Legal and Tax Professionals

III. Material Information Relevant to the Relationship

A. Sources of Compensation:

1. The CFP® certificant and employer may be compensated as follows:

a) Mutual Funds: including but not limited to dealer concessions from sales charges, 12(b)1 fees, management fees, ticket charges, and misc. fees.
b) Stocks: commissions charged
c) Managed Mutual Fund Accounts: Registered Investment Advisor asset-based fees
d) Registered Investment Advisor financial planning fees
e) Life Insurance: commissions from premiums
f) Disability Insurance: commissions from premiums
g) Long term care insurance: commissions from premiums
h) Annuities: commissions from premiums

2. Costs charged separately to the client: brokerage account activity assessment fee,
service fee, investment management fees, M&E expenses, premium charges,
annual account fees

3. Compensation affiliates or affiliated entities may receive:

a) Investment advisory fees
b) Insurance commissions

B. Occasionally, on a fully disclosed basis, we may compensate individuals or entities for soliciting or referring investment advisory clients to us.

You, the client, are encouraged to review the information contained in this disclosure form and ask the certificant any questions you may have. Should any material changes occur to this information, updated information will be provided to you in a reasonable time frame. As a CFP® certificant, I acknowledge my responsibility to adhere to the standards established in CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct. If you become aware that my conduct may violate the Standards, you may file a complaint with CFP Board at www.CFP.net/complaint.

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